I care about free thought,
greater equality, and a safer, cleaner, natural world.

I like to use my skills, knowledge, and time towards the things I care about. Like the environment, self-sufficient communities and agriculture, and building a world which has sufficient opportunity for all. 


Climate Activism


We are the Society of World Changers. Our goal is to guide and motivate people to take climate action. Our website and soon our mobile apps make it easier for people to identify and remember to carry out actual actions that will make a difference, and reward and recognize them when they do. 





My writing is aimed at the person who's trying to do their best in life; she who usually puts others first, but often needs a hug herself. It serves to encourage and uplift, without being airy-fairy, giving honest and non-preachy approaches to living, but not claiming to be the advice of an expert. It is self-help though not in a you can be happy 24/7 kind of way. The solace is in the knowledge that we don't quite know for sure. It has a realistic tone, but still shines bright with hope.



Design is my mojo. I'm best at creating minimalistic graphics to clearly represent businesses and projects. I'm passionate about aligning the design and communication with the value proposition. I create slick logos, informative infographics, and engaging video animations.